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Gallery of Our Work

What we do is complicated. What we offer is simple; Commercial & Emergency vehicle specialized repair and integration

Pizza Luca

Pizza Luca serves up Neapolitan pies from their mobile oven mounted on a Chevy flatbed truck. This build included installing an updated electrical system and custom vehicle upfitting for this vintage pizza oven on wheels. 

Optimus Healthcare COVID-19 Response Unit
We worked with our customer Optimus Healthcare to provide a ready-for-action COVID-19 response van. The van includes on-the-go power solutions and outfitting for medical personnel, supplies, and equipment. 

Carmel Fire Department Emergency Vehicle Chief's Car
Carmel Fire's first responder lighting and radio installation are designed in collaboration with the Carmel Fire Department. It provides efficient and effective emergency lighting and radio usage at and en route to a scene.  The easy-to-use system helps the response team focus on the situation at hand. 

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